Airmid Goddess of Healing

Airmid Goddess of HealingAirmid is a Goddess of Healing most widely known as being a herbalist, and thus, can be connected with green gifts of mother earth.

Airmid is the daughter of the Tuatha doctor “Dian Cecht”, and her brother Miach had also been an expert healer whose capabilities surpassed those of his father.

Airmid’s relationship with herbalism is outlined in the tale of the 365 healing herbs growing on her brother’s grave.

1 herb to heal ailments of each of the 365 nerves in the human body  and also 1 for every single day of the year.

She collected these very carefully in her cloak, but regrettably, her envious father mixed them up to ensure that their purposes may not be known.

I believe that Airmid, the clever healer that she was already understood these herbs and their functions  and had all of them memorized prior to her dad mixing them.

Airmid is additionally linked to the healing forces of water and sound.

In the 2nd Battle of Moytura, her dad put healing herbs in to the Well of Slaine, and Airmid, her brothers, and her father chanted incantations above the Well to empower it.

These waters had been used to heal deceased and injured warriors.