Awakening the Kundalini Energy

Awakening the Kundalini EnergyKundalini is an energy, that is tied to the mind. Coiled inside the body, it remains dormant in the resting body until awakened.

This psycho-spiritual force is woke up through different spiritual methods, frequently tied to yoga and astral projection. Kundalini is bound to the chakras, residing in the root chakra.

Frequently associated with a serpent, it will rise from the base of the spine whenever awakened.

As the Kundalini rises, it can go through each chakra or energy center, making a high-energy force through the entire entire body. Kundalini Yoga is considered the most common way by which to awaken the power.

A brief history of Kundalini

Although most of the history of Kundalini related practices is not known, there is some proof that mention has been conducted of the energy force in numerous ancient texts.

Present in writings from the Tibetans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Indigenous Americans, there is reference to this kind of power in the Bible and the Koran. Although most cultures did not openly exercise Kundalini Yoga or waking up sessions, it has become more widely known with the work of Carl Jung in the 1930s.

In the early 1970s, people globally became fascinated with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and started seeking knowledge about the process.

The 70s had been a time of wonderful spiritual awakening worldwide, which explains why so many people began to practice yoga along with other spiritually intense activities. Despite the fact that there are lots of forms of yoga, only some of which are dedicated to awaking the Kundalini, it had been one of the numerous popular practice in this era.

What goes on When You Awaken the Kundalini?

The rising up of this force may vary between people and sessions. Since the force is said to reside at the foundation of the spine it is going to rise up from this section of the body. Since it awakens, the yogi will begin to sense a heat around this region as the energy gets uncoiled.

While it rises, it can move upward along the spine, through the Six other chakras. Once the Kundalini travels through each power center, that chakra will become energetic and attached to the force.

It will keep rising, taking the energy of the chakras with it and leaving behind the body cold.

The more the Kundalini increases, the greater physical reactions the yogi may have.

There are frequently involuntary muscle actions or tremors, there may be a feeling of electricity or vibration, and there can also be sounds or voices. Even though each Kundalini awakening might not be equally intense, they are usually referred to as explosive, resulting in Out of Body Experiences, hallucinations, detachment, and many more intense sensations. Like all spiritual and metaphysical methods, Kundalini Yoga does take time to master and successful awakening of the powerful energy may take time.