Celtic Witchcraft And Spells

celtic witchcraftWe’ve-all heard about celtic witchcraft and spells, but can witches have a very real existence? Yes, they have existed ever since the dawn of history, and-most likely for millenia before. Within the Bible, Saul, afraid of the might of the Philistine-military, took himself off to be counseled by the Witch of Endor.

Traditional literature we have Homer’s Circe who bewitched men and changed them into swine. Ovid informs us of the Strigae; erotic beings that flew through the air to carry out their murderous deeds. But with this kind of ancient history, when does the witch 1st appear? Earlier mythologies: In Norse mythology we have got the Valkyrie; maidens of Odin who flew throughout the sky and help the outcome of battles, taking slain warriors to Valhalla.

Many theorists feel that witchcraft is a survival belonging to the cult of Diana,goddess of hunting.British archaeologist Margaret Murray put forward a similar theory in 1921, reasoning that the craft traces its roots back in pagan fertility-cults.

The Christian picture of the Devil is actually an amalgam of god varieties from paganism, such as Greek Pan and the pagan horned god, sometimes known as Herne the Hunter. The idea without a doubt traces itself back to the shaman, generally male, who’d dress in the skin of the animal planning to be slain; consequently the horned god persona.
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