Chinese Legend: The Four Dragon Kings

chinese legend four dragon kingsChinese legend describes 4 Dragon Kings (Long Wang),   they rule the four seas ( and the 4 cardinal compass points). They live in a wonderful crystal palace beneath the oceans.

The 4 Dragon Kings:

Ao Shun – North
Ao Ch’in – South
Ao Kuang – East
Ao Jun – West

Among these Ao Kuang is the King of the Dragons. Which means he has the largest territory. He was later on succeeded by his son Ao Ping.

In addition to ruling the seas, the Dragon Kings possess power over other types of water like clouds and rain.

It had been them that folks would turn to whenever threatened by drought or flood. If made angry they may cause havoc with thunder storms and floods.

They were even stronger than the Emperor.

This organization of the sea Kings with rain seems to have began folowing the creation of Buddhism in China throughout the Tang dynasty.

Dragon Kings can easily shapeshift in to human form and while in this form can abduct human children. Emperors occasionally  were reported to be descendants of Dragon Kings.

Even though there is 4 “primary” Dragon Kings, there are also several local versions. In certain areas each and every stretch of water appears to to have its very own King!

At times statues of the dragon may be left by the side of the water with hopes of gaining its attention or assistance.