Goddess Names Meaning Beauty

goddess names meaning beauty


Aphrodite (Greece) ~ The gorgeous Goddess of love and fertility.

No man can reject Aphrodite whenever she dressed in her magic corset.

Her name signifies foam born or risen within foam as she was actually birthed by means of the churning sea.

Aphrodite was the magnificent Olympian deity of beauty, love, pleasure and reproduction.

She is represented as an elegant woman normally followed by the winged godling Eros.

Her characteristics consisted of a dove, apple, scallop shell and mirror.

In traditional sculpture and fresco she had been often shown nude.


Freya (Nordic) ~ Her name originates from the aged Norse word for woman or mistress.

There are versions of the spellings of the Goddess name such as:

Freyja, Freyr and Freyja.

In Norse mythology, Freyja is a deity of love as well as fertility, and also the most enchanting and propitious of the goddesses.

She’s the patron goddess of crops and birth, the symbolization of sensuality and had been called upon in issues of love.

She loves music, springtime and flowers, and is especially partial to the elves (fairies).

Freya is regarded as the leading goddesses of the Vanir.

She’s the child of the god Njord, as well as the sister of Freyr.

Later on she wedded the mystic god Od (most likely yet another form of Odin), who vanished.

When she mourned to be with her lost husband, her tears turned into gold.


beauty-goddess-namesInanna (Sumerian) ~ Goddess of love, war, and also fertility.

Inanna is the incarnation of the early morning and evening star.

Her enchanting name means

“lady of the sky.

” The Goddess is very closely connected to Ishtar and also Nin anna.”

In this specific myth she journeys to the domain of the dead and also claims its ruling.

In contrast, her sibling Ereshkigal, who rules the area, sentences her to death.

With Inanna’s departure, conversely, nature expired along with her and absolutely nothing would grow any longer.

Thanks to the interference of the god Enki she can be born again if when yet another person took her place.

She selected her much-loved consort Dumuzi, who would starting from then on rule the underworld for every half year.


Venus (Roman) ~ Goddess of love and beauty. The Goddess name has started to become interchangeable with her character as the lady who all males desire.

The Romans initially worshiped Venus as deity of love and fertility. Her virility powers spread out from the garden to people. Venus is interchangeable with Aphrodite