Guan-Yin Chinese Goddess of Mercy

Guan-Yin Chinese Goddess of MercyGUAN-YIN
Also refered to as CHUAN-YIN, KUAN-YIN, KWAN-YIN

GUAN-YIN’s objective is “Victim Support” She sustains the troubled and hungry, rescues the unlucky from danger, and gives comfort and aid where ever it is needed.

GUAN-YIN’s work might put many charities to shame and she does not ask for donations.

Normally known as AVALOKITESVARA in India, she had ultimately achieved Enlightenment following much non-struggling with non-things. She was only about to enter Heaven to join the other BUDDHAs when she noticed the cries from the poor unsaved spirits back on Earth.

Her heart confronted by pity, she promised not to rest until finally each and every soul was delivered to Buddhahood. The degree of considering this task made her head explode into a 1000 pieces, however she was totally fine after BUDDHA offered her a few Aspirin Sutras.

Putting aside Heaven, GUAN-YIN visited the sacred island of Potuoshan and launched into her new job. This selfless sacrifice delivered her much credit, and respect that continues even today.

Like a deity often called on to appear in the most uncommon and difficult circumstances, GUAN-YIN is able to transform into any living thing. Actually she is better recognized in India as a male. But she frequently appears in female form to stop gossip and since she likes it. Just like her Japanese equal KANNON, GUAN-YIN is known as a feminine deity, and has taken on the modest quantity of fertility work. Childless women pray on her for children. To that end she is also a Goddess of Grain, filling it with her own milk to provide nourishment.

Goddess of MercyThe Bodhisattva who spares us from the 3 Mishaps and the 8 Disasters, GUAN-YIN is always available, and has shown up in many a Chinese tales to assist the likes of MONKEY from tricky circumstances. His or her peaceful benevolence has soothed numerous a worried brows.

Area : China
Sex : Female
Class : Deity
Pronunciation : Goo-arn Yeen
Alternative titles : CHUAN-YIN, KUAN-YIN, KWAN-YIN