Magni Norse God of Strength

Magni Norse God of StrengthMagni the Norse god & Modi, are the sons of Thor, they didn’t have a many worshippers, as had been typical for sons and daughters belonging to the main gods and goddesses.

They did have some however, for good reason, Magni was the god of might, or strength, and had been considered to be the only thing in the Norse world stronger than his parent.

His worshippers loved his superb strength and feats.

Magni was allegedly the only one apart from Thor to be able to lift Mjollnir.

Modi is the god of battle wrath. His worshippers are the archetypal berserks, some depending on drugs of various types to boost their wrath and constrain fear.

It is thought that some of his supporters also worshipped Sif on her skill with battle.