Maman Brigette Goddess of Death

MAMAN BRIGITTE goddess of deathMaman Brigette is also referred to as Maman BRijitt
Lord of : Death
Faith : Haitian Voodou
Persuasion : Rada

‘Maman Brigitte, li soti nan anglete’ (Mama Brigitte, she originates from Britain).
The empress of death Maman Brigitte is wedded to Baron Samedi and likes to drink rum lace-up with hot peppers.

Just like the rest of the Guede clan Maman Brigitte is a simple tough talker that is prone to outbursts of excessive obscenity and is also queen of the Banda.

Rumour has it she is a descendent of Brigid the Celtic empress, taken to Haiti within the hearts of deported Brit’s.

This may clarify her love of chilli sauce Friday evening kebabs as being a great english tradition.

She’s got a particular influence over money matters so offer her a little wink in the event you have an eye on an ill gotten fortune.