Ra the Sun God Story

ra the egyptian godRa-the-Egyptian God of the sun:

Ra is an old Egyptian sun god, who thought to have created the world. The Egyptians thought this because they believed that the sun was a symbol of light, life, purification, and creation.

They believed that the sun delivered so many wonderful things for the Earth, such as the sun fostered the plants, and kept all living things healthy. Minus the sun the world be in a realm of darkness.

Despite being a creator Ra was closely related to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

~ The Beginning worship of Ra ~

Ra’s main development with the pharaohs came in the late 2nd Dynasty and matured through the 5th Empire.

The pharaoh was believed to have been embodied in another Egyptian god, Horus, because the pharaoh was part mortal, and part god.

All over those Dynasties Ra began to be depicted as Horus, the pharaoh, and Ra hovering overhead, as if watching over the pharaoh.

The worship of Ra really started when the Ancient Egyptian began establishing pyramids to and for Ra. These pyramids were built in alignment with the rising and setting of the sun.

These pyramids were called solar pyramids. But the New Kingdom created temples with an open courtyard with an alter.

This alter was where the priests or the pharaohs themselves recite one of 12 poetic hymns predicting the various courses of the sun, every hour of the day.

~ The connection between Ra and Osirus ~

Additionally in the analysis of the solar pyramids archaeologists

Ra the Egyptian God of the sun2

believe that the Ancient Egyptians connected Ra with Osirus. The reason being the Egyptians believed Ra, when the sun set, would travel through the Duat with Osirus.

Osirus would guide Ra through the Duat to rise once again as the sun each morning.

Some of the first decorations in pyramids were a collection of spells describing the journey of Ra and Osirus through the Duat.

These inscriptions were really a key source of information on the sun god.

~ The story of Ra ~

The story of Ra wandering through the Duat was called the Solar Barge. The story is told like this…

In order to move through the Duat , the underworld, every night, so that he will rise again each morning, Ra was forced to use a boat so the fiery god would not be extinguished by the waters.

This became Maat, the antithesis of chaos, that guided the course of the boat. At the helm was Thoth, the god of wisdom and representative of the moon, who stood next to Horus, who during the early Egyptian times represented the sky, and whose dark eye was the moon.

It was Horus who steered. Some other gods traveled the boat with them to shield it from attack so the sun could rise.

It was Seth that prevented the main attack from Apep. The temporary failure to protect Ra was said to be the cause of solar eclipses.

The sun, Ra, was the creator of the Earth. It was where the gods and humans alike drew their power.

~ The Life of a Pharaoh ~

If you were a pharaoh, you were watched over by the light of life.

Should you be a commoner, you were watched over by the pharaoh.

If were young you were watched over by the commoners.

It truly is the circle of life.

“The Ancient Egyptians believed that Ra was the creator of the world and of life.”