Raven Native American Trickster Tale

raven native american trickster taleRAVEN: Also referred to as CHULYEN, HEMASKAS, GUGUYNI, NANKIL’SLAS, KWEKWAXA’WE, and KWEKWAXAWE

Widely known Native American Imaginative Trickster God, well-known by numerous tribes with many names.

There is certainly more to RAVEN than meets the eye. And just how many of you got to meet the eye of a raven? :)

They have always been connected with Godliness. Only a few people know that the very first bird out of NOAH’s ark had been a raven. It just did not return. It did not desire to.

ODIN depends on his 2 ravens to travel around the world each day to keep him advised on the world happenings. Edgar Allan Poe’s raven shrieked ‘Nevermore’ but what exactly that has to do with anything at all only Poe knows.

At first, RAVEN was  a Creator and Trickster God particularly to the Haida tribe, who declared he discovered the 1st humans hiding within a clam shell and helped bring them fruits and salmon.

Quite a tricky God him self, he is also the long enduring victim of arch rival in deception, COYOTE.

His sibling LOGOBOLA is yet another tricky customer, but, in spite of what you might have heard, hardly any frogs were involved.

Tales about him are plentiful. :)