The Ancient Egyptian Culture: Journey To The Afterlife

the ancient egyptian cultureThe Ancient Egyptian Culture: Journey To The Afterlife.

When one is buried the individual is given a book to aid them on their journey to theĀ  afterlife in paradise. This is called the ‘Book of the Dead’ and it contains charms, spells and prayers to use in the afterlife.

First and Formnost they needed to be judged for any offences done while alive. Held Before Osiris and the 42 judges the dead would claim that they had done no evil throughout their lives, such as murder, rustling or cheating.

The individuals heart would then be weighed against a feather, the “symbol of truth”. If their heart and feather were in balance then their heart was truthful and the dead individual would enter the land of Osiris. Otherwise, if the heart was heavy it would mean the person had led a wicked or evil life and would be passed over to “the beast”, The Devourer Ammut, waiting beneth the scales, ready to pounce. Those people who passed the test were greeted by Horus, the “falcon headed god”, and he then escorted them on to paradise.
journey to the afterlife
The good decent person would enter a truely happy land “The Fields of Aalu” where all the dead friends and relatives would wait to greet them. The land itself would be rich and plentiful however work still needed to be done. Smaller statues, ‘shabtis’, where placed in the tombs along with tools. These were to perform the hard work in the next world leaving the dead free to enjoy their arterlife.

To speak the name of the dead is to make them live again, and restores the breath of life to him who has vanished.

~ Tomb of Tutankhamun