Thor the Norse “God of Thunder”

thor the god of thunderTHOR
Also often known as DONAR
God of Thunder. Thursday is “Thorsday”

Son of ODIN and JORD, he is the popular Scandinavian God with a Hammer, the big red bewhiskered God of Thunder-storms. He rides in the storm clouds on a chariot drawn by goats and tosses his hammer “MJOLLNIR”  to produce lightning.

As you may may expect, he is not overly bright and LOKI had been leading him down the wrong path. But they had been firm buddies and THOR had been continually willing to bash his foes.

Committed to SIF, he has been known to have an affair with the Giantess JARNSAXA, with to whom he created MAGNI and MODI. His daughter is THRUD.